Riddex Pest Control
Get Rid Of Your Bugs For Good With Riddex

Riddex Pulse Pest Control Unit

There is nothing like the thought of nasty little critters like roaches or ants possibly being in your home. The thought of having bugs and other critters crawling around your home is enough to send chills down your spine and keep you on edge.

Once you see one, though, is the ultimate time to do something about it.

The makers of Riddex Pulse know this, and have a product that is guaranteed to help your pest control problem.

The Last Thing You Want to Deal With

You found an ant in the cupboard or on the counter. You smash it, but you know that where there is one there are plenty more. Ants don’t come just one at a time, they come in hoards.

As tempting as it is, you really want to believe there is only the one to deal with. If you are a very clean person, getting ants is somewhat more puzzling. You need to find the source of the ants.

Take Away Any Potential Ant Bait or Add Something to Drive Ants Away

Get all of your dishes washed, clean off your counters and check all of the cupboards for any food packages that may have spilled. If everything looks to be good or you have cleaned anything that draws ants, try a product like Riddex Pulse.

Riddex Pulse works by sending a signal to ants or any other pests and totally annoys them. Pests do everything possible to get away from the noise.

Getting Rid of Pests without Harmful Chemicals

The idea behind Riddex Pulse is to repel ants, mice, roaches, and any other pests you come across in your home without having to use any chemicals on your counters or anywhere in your home.

Parents or caregivers of small children and seniors are especially careful to avoid having chemicals in their home that get rid of bugs and rodents.

What others Are Saying About Riddex Pulse

There are mixed reviews on how well Riddex Pulse works. Makers of this product say that in order for it to work effectively, it needs some time to work. Follow the directions on the box and see what happens.

Riddex Pulse Pest Control

This pest control product can be found at Amazon.com, Ebay, in some grocery stores (you’ll have to double-check this), and home improvement stores. At around $15, even if you decide you don’t like how the product works it is not a large investment.

In fact it is a great investment if you see a steady decrease in your bug or vermin problem. On Ebay, some things are even cheaper and have free shipping. That is a good place to go for those who may want to take advantage of free shipping.

This product is meant to be plugged into an outlet in your home where it makes a pulse-type sound that bothers bugs so much they want to leave. The noise isn’t meant to bother people. It is not meant for businesses, only residential places. You need one in every room and probably other units because bugs spread and populate.

Chances are if you have bugs or pests, your neighbor or neighbors do too (if you live in an apartment). Get any other bug or pest attractant out and hopefully your immediate other neighbors are doing the same.

It is supposed to take around 2-4 weeks for this to work. The directions tell you each room needs at least one Riddex Pulse to do the job. This depends on the severity of your pest control problem and how large your house it.

Buy more than one Riddex Pulse to plug into outlets in every room. That gives you more force to get rid of your bug or pest problem. Compare $60 (depending on the size of your home and how many rooms you need a Riddex Pulse to be in) to over $100 for having an exterminator come to your home.

Frequently, exterminators have to make more than one trip to make sure the pests are gone for sure. Buying Riddex saves you from potentially having to spend a couple hundred dollars on an exterminator.