Riddex Pest Control
Get Rid Of Your Bugs For Good With Riddex

Riddex Pest Control

Have you opened your kitchen utensil drawer and found tiny black pellets? Have you seen even just a single roach in your home?

If so, you may have a serious infestation problem. If there is one cockroach, there are potentially hundreds more.

Perhaps while you are asleep at night you hear some scratching behind the walls. This could indicate rats or mice. So how do you address several different types of insects and rodents without having to give up an entire paycheck? Riddex pest control is the answer.

The Riddex Plus pest control system wards off insects, mice, rats, and roaches without causing any harm to them.

This patented plug-in device offers a system of humanely ridding your home of pests. Riddex Plus is also a safer and more cost-effective method of pest control.

Do not bring potentially hazardous chemicals into your home when all it takes is a small unit that plugs into any electrical outlet. Once you have plugged in your new unit, it will begin to emit electromagnetic waves that will repel pests by confusing their nervous systems; forcing them to back away from the environment.

Riddex plus is the most simple and cost-effective way to rid your home or office of rodents and roaches. It is so simple and easy to use that more than three million units have been sold to date. Once you get your Riddex pest control unit, all you have to do is plug it in.

One unit protects two thousand square feet of your home. If your living or work space is larger than that, you should be sure to get an additional unit. Just remember a simple equation: one unit = 2,000 square feet. You will start to see results within the first seven days.

When you no longer see roaches or rodents, keep the Riddex unit plugged in for best results. The cost of constant use is token compared to having an exterminator enter your home.

Plug the Riddex unit into an outlet that is in a central location in your home. If your living or work environment is greater than two thousand square feet, plug one in on each side of the interior of your house.

The device will not harm humans or household pets (cats and dogs), but do not use if you have rodents as pets (rats, mice, gerbils, guinea pigs, etc). The Riddex pest control unit is also safe around computer equipment and other appliances.

During the first week of use, you may actually see an increase of roaches. This is because any roaches already living in your home will be forced to come out. They can live in toasters, cabinets, televisions, computers, boxes, and anywhere else in your home.

The increase in activity will mean that the inside roaches are struggling to get out; which means that your units are working! Any pests that try to enter your home from the outside will be automatically repelled.

Again, you don’t have to sacrifice your wallet and your health in order to maintain a pest-free home. Try Riddex now!